Brecon Cani-Trail 2021    23rd-25th April 

Hi All

Thank you for your patience with regards to correspondence for this event

The past few months have been a testing time for all.

Brecon Cani-Trail has been a roller coaster event.  Sadly postponed by Red Kite Trail Events due to the untimely arrival of the Covid 19 Word wide Pandemic before being taken over by Red Kite Cani-Trail.

Entries for Brecon Cani-Trail 2021 

If you had an entry valid up until the 2020 event taking place (24th - 26th April 2020) your place will automatically be honoured by way of a place for 2021.   Please note the following:

There is no refund by Red Kite Cani-Trail for this event.  We are offering a couple of options:


We are offering vouchers valid for 2 years and up to 2022 event.  These can be used for other events 

If you want to defer with a voucher until 2022 then let us know by no later than 31st Jamuary 2021.  If you do not let us know by this date then anything after this then you will automatically be on the list for 2021 and may lose your voucher 

Transfer or Selling Your Place 

You may transfer or sell your place to another entrant up until 1st March 2021 prior to the event taking place.

  • After this date no changes will be accepted by Red Kite Cani-Trail. Anything done without our knowledge after this date will be null and void and the new entrants will be refused to register on the day. One of the main reasons for this are that this will enable us to ensure any administration changes are correct at the time of the start of the event.

  • IMPORTANT Red Kite Cani-Trail will be required to be notified via e mail and a confirmation e mail will be required on any changes from Red Kite Cani-Trail . You will need to keep this e mail safe and produce it at registration. No e mail, then un-fortunately who ever attends and has changed will not be allowed to participate on the day.

  • Red Kite Cani-Trail will not charge or be charging any administration fee for transfers or changes. Any monies exchanged will be between the two parties involved.

  • Any sale or transfer is solely between the two parties and Red Kite Trail Cani-Trail will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise from any sale or transfer.


Start Lists will be updated in due course and will be on our website with announcements both on there and our facebook page - YOU MAY NOT GET ANOTHER E MAIL REGARDING THIS - Why?

When Red Lite Trail Events set up the event they did not realise a few issues:

1)  A lot of people did not have a paypal e mail address and paid for others

2) Not everyone uses their paypal e mail address as their primary e mail address

3) Not everyone sent back a form initially when requested


4)  People have since changed e mail addresses and not updated with us

Which is why we ask people to check for details on our website and social media.   

We are aware not everyone has facebook or social media. it is however the 21st Century everyone has access to the World Wide Web so the website is easily accessed.  If you enter an event what is the place you look to if you want information initially? -  The event web page. 

These details are on the website at - please pass onto to anyone in your canicross or social runner dog groups

Finally - These have been un precedented times, we want this event to go ahead and are doing everything we can to do that so people who registered and paid will not lose any money.

If you have registered and paid then you will have a receipt via paypal so you do not have anything to worry about 

Please keep an eye on both our facebook page and the website for details.

We have set up a specific e mail for this event as e mails and messages can get mislaid or lost.

If you have any questions then please send us an e mail to this e mail address:

Thank You for your support and we look forward to seeing you in April 2021 and beyond

Kind Regards

Red Kite Cani-Trail Team

From 26/5/20 we will donate a £1.00 for every entry to the Parachute Regiment Charity "SUPPORT OUR PARAS"


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