What is Cani-Trail?

We brought Cani-Trail to the UK after participating in many Ultra Marathons both in the UK & France.

There is nothing for long distance, solely for dogs and their k9 partners in the UK so we decided to look into the possibility of organising something.

Last year seen 179 people and their dogs enter Cani-Trail 2019 from a variety of countries around Europe and of course the UK.

Cani-Trail uses the same equipment as you would in Cani-cross (Trail running with your dog) in a bungee line, non restrictive dog harness and a waist-belt - that is were the similarity ends.

On a Cani-Trail event you could find your self on the side of a mountain, negotiating a tricky trail in all types of weather and carrying a bit more kit for both you and your dog.

Usually in the past to enter a long distance event with your dog you would of had to tag onto a human event and chasing fast cut offs, which is not always suitable for a dog.  All of our Cani-Trail events have no cut offs or time limits as we wanted to make it open for all breeds and fitness abilities.

Whats more, all our Cani-Trail routes are fully marked and marshaled so there is no requirement for navigation, another thing that can add pressure whilst out with your dog.

For any queries on Cani-Trail please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer an questions.

From 26/5/20 we will donate a £1.00 for every entry to the Parachute Regiment Charity "SUPPORT OUR PARAS"


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